Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Black Family’s $3,500,000 House Firebombed in California in Possible Hate Crime

We request for black people of California who have been covering up that racism actually exist in that state to start being honest.  We'd say, since the mid 80's many black people who live there have became so diversified they fail to support African Americans who admit they have been discriminated against because they are black.   California may have a high percentage of bi-racial relationships, but Lord knows that does not mean that racism does not exist there, we know from experience.   However, not that denial has not been an issue all over America, but specifically,  in California, this is the repercussions.  In this case, a black family who evidently is very wealthy came home and discovered their home firebombed in a predominantly white suburb.  

According to TheRoot.com, Ronald and Malissia Clinton live in a lovely community outside Los Angeles, and last week someone firebombed their home in what the couple believes was a racially motivated hate crime.

One more thing, just when are more black people going to start loving and respecting each other, but first God and then themselves?   You see, it's getting worse and worse, we are living back in the times of the 1960's.  So, what is it going to take, severe segregation again?  Most of all, God is waiting for us to repent as a whole.

Source and Photo: TheRoot.com

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