Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Former Megachurch Pastor Rob Bell Tells Oprah the Church May Embrace Gay Marriage: Hell is Real

The Devil is a lie, sometimes, the enemy speaks out of people more than we realize.  This days when there is so much carnality in the church, we are hearing more pastors of mega churches began to sway to accept gay marriage.  The former pastor of Mars Hill Church allegedly informed Oprah he feels the church may soon accept gay marriage.    

If you have to be a follower in order to be popular, then it's not worth ever having a mega-church.

According to ChristianPost.com, Rob Bell allegedly stated:
"We're close," he began, answering slowly before his wife interjected "I think it's evolving."
He then added: "Lots of people are already there. We think it's inevitable and we're moments away from the church accepting it."
Doesn't Rob Bell believe that hell exist?  There are billions of souls beneath this universe, pleading with Jesus Christ to let them have another chance. Many of them, some Christians gave into to what was not only popular among the masses, but also very sinful.  If you don't believe people go to hell for agreeing with what's a sin besides involving themselves in various types of sin, please watch this following video.  Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

Watch Video
Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-sLjpZYal3Y6Wso5qwaxhw
Source and Photo: http://www.christianpost.com

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