Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gospel Artist, Deitrick Haddon Defends Female Preachers On 'Preachers of LA'

Now, we don't understand why Deitrick Haddon would make such a point, after the dispute, regarding Bishop Corletta Vaughn's position in the church, on 'Preachers of Detroit.'  We question, if the debate was sparked on 'Preachers of LA,' simply because the producers do not want to lose any ratings. since 'Preachers of Detroit' was very interesting?  However, we think Haddon could be missing the point, although many men and women do not like women as preachers, in general.  

The debate on 'Preachers of Detroit' was about women having their positions as bishops and also pastors, specifically.  If you watched the first reality show, you would have noticed, gospel artist, Dorinda Clark Cole, making the point that she does not believe in female bishops, although she is an evangelist.   We think that although there are many who still do not accept women preachers, there are many others who think being an apostle, bishop or a pastor is much worst.  Now, although, Haddon ended up saying, he agrees with a woman being a pastor, a bishop, as long as she respects her husband as the pastor of her home, it seems as though he was more focused on the debate about women preachers, in general when mentioning his Mom who is a preacher who works along side his father who is a bishop.  However, the heated debate on 'Preachers of Detroit' was nothing about women working alongside their man in the ministry.

Furthermore, misery loves company, Deitrick Haddon is no different than Pastor David Bullock on 'Preachers of Detroit', simply because both of them seem very glad to agree on female preachers to get some sort of support, since both of them have faced heated debates with fellow preachers on the set.  Especially in Haddon's personal life, he has some critics who do not like the fact of how he left his wife for a younger wife, after standing up against gay marriage and he's allegedly lost some music fans because of it.

According to, Deitrick Haddon, the minister and gospel singer who appeared on the Oxygen docu-series "Preachers of L.A.," is defending women preaching in the pulpit after the debate was sparked on the Oxygen mini-series "Preachers of Detroit."

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on any further details regarding the subject of women preachers.  God bless you.

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