Saturday, February 21, 2015

Listen to Bill Wiese latest interview about His 23 Minutes in Hell

Many people still do not believe you can experience hell and come back to testify about it.  However, Bill Wiese allegedly says he experienced very little disbelief about his journey to hell.   There is a reason why we continue to inform you about the reality of hell, because you can easily believe that people go to heaven, but when it comes to hell, people usually resist that reality.  Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are enduring unusual trials, it's simply because there are actual demons that come up from hell that is a planet beneath us. Wiese mentions how demons are on earth as well as of course, in hell, eternally.

A lot of you may not understand why are suddenly hated by those who used to love you, it's simply because the Devil not only wants your soul, but also your enemy's soul.  He wants us to stop praying for those who hate us and do us wrong.  If we stop praying, then he wins and we eternally lose our soul for not choosing to be like Christ, love and be holy.  A lot of times, being holy means to love those who hate and persecute us.   If you love, you are God's child, and if you hate, you are the child of the Devil.  Furthermore, we must continue to resist sin and be fully pure in our lives.

There are many souls down there, right now, pleading for Jesus to let them out.  How do we know?  Simply, because we've heard other testimonies. Here is the latest interview with realtor, Bill Wiese who is yet sharing his testimony of how he was pulled out of his body while laying on his couch, instantly being tormented by huge demons in extreme darkness, surrounded by maggots, worms and he smelled foul odors that was very hard to inhale in extreme heat.  
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Source: TRUNEWS Rick.Wiles
Photo: YouTube Upload 

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