Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pastor Tunde Bakare Explains why He rejected his Rolls Royce gift

Not many pastors or even gospel artists would turn down a Rolls Royce that would be given to them, but this Nigerian pastor has so much concern for the poor, he explains why he turned down his gift. We are very sure God is using Pastor Tunde Bakare to reveal how a pastor should represent His Kingdom. Of course, it's okay for pastors to enjoy wealth, but it is also okay to turn it down sometimes, in order to care for the poor. 

According to, Pastor Bakare said he was not interested in becoming a local champion in a city of the blind, recalling that, some persons brought him a 2015 model of Rolls Royce during his 60th birthday which, he said, he out rightly rejected, adding that he was not in need of such exotic car while majority of Nigerians are wallowing in poverty.  

God bless Pastor Bakare and we are sure God is so proud of Him.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

Source and Photo: The Old Black Church 

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