Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Canadian Pastor Charged Of Sexual Assault During Supposedly Exorcism

We want you to know that God is not pleased with some of these pastors taking advantage of their church members.  If Jesus Christ should return, many will miss the rapture. This pastor, Wayne Jones of Canada is allegedly guilty of sexually molesting a woman during an exorcism.  Now, what type of power did he think he had over demons when he was possessed with some, himself?

According to, Wayne Maron Jones was arrested in Toronto on charges of assaulting the woman between May 2011 and May 2013, the report says. The arrest came in August, but police are only now asking for anyone with more information to step forward as the investigation continues. The Huffington Post writes:
Police said the suspect offered “spiritual guidance” to his victim, which included exorcisms, according to the Toronto Star.

We pray for Pastor Wayne Maron Jones to repent, before his life comes to an end, we wouldn't want this man to lose his soul. Also, we pray for his victim, for God to strengthen her and give her courage to forgive Maron.

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