Monday, February 23, 2015

Pastor Gregory Tyson Sr. of Savannah Georgia suddenly Dies at age 46

Pastor Gregory Tyson, Sr was only 46 years old when he passed away.  So far, we do not know the cause of death, but what we do know is that too many men and women of God are leaving this earth before their time.   Forty-six years old is too young to die.    

A lot of you who are complaining that you are 30, 35, 40, 46, 50, need to stop thinking it's too old, stop complaining about the number of your age, and thank God, he wakes you up each day.   A lot of people call 46, 'old' or 'middle age', but it's still very young.   We are sadden by Pastor Tyson's death, because this is not the first time, we've given you a report of a pastor suddenly passing away and leaving their congregation and family behind.   For whatever reason, he's gone and we are praying for his family and church.  A reminder for us all, ''let's love and make peace while God gives us breath, we never know when God says, one of us is next."  

So sad to bring this up, but we knew we seen Pastor Tyson's face before.  He was the one who allegedly mentioned Paula Deen is not a racist, See for yourself, here; although we disagree, we are yet sad about his death.  It seems like that was so recent.

Pastor Tyson was not just a pastor, but he was a business man and loved inspiring the youth.  May Pastor Gregory Tyson, Sr.  rest in peace.  We are sure he's in a much better place.

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