Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pastor Rader Johnson Teaches Apostolic Followers About Not Compromising with The World

Dr. Rader Johnson teaches against people compromising within the body of Christ.   He speaks against men and women wearing earrings, men wearing dreads, mixing church music with worldly music.  Dr. Johnson speaks about making up in our minds to be holy and enforce our flesh to suffer.   

We must be different, no matter how many people expect us to be like them.  Dr. Johnson touches on the subject of why so many people expect you to be similar to them, for instance, wearing sagging pants, listening to rap music in the church and appearing like worldly people.  He says it's a spirit behind it, which is so true.  Dr. Johnson explains the way to crucify the flesh, then it will not be so difficult to feel the presence of God all the time and this includes not compromising with the world.  One of the main ways to crucify the flesh is fasting and he explains, Satan always tempts us whenever we make a decision to fast.  Why?  Because fasting help us to be in full submission to Jesus Christ.  

Dr. Rader Johnson explains why it is so very important to separate light with darkness.  There is a lot of mixing going on the church and this is one of the main reasons why there has been so many issues.

Specifically, Dr. Rader Johnson explains how Lucifer was the most beautiful angel and had a lot of gifts and one of the gifts was being the angel of music.  This is one of the main reasons why so many people who are suppose to be followers of Christ have compromised and bridged the gap.

The only thing we disagree with, is that Dr Rader Johnson allegedly stated that a lot of churches who are not apostolic have comprised, but we have also seen a lot of apostolic churches who believe in being baptized in Jesus name who have compromised and allowed church music to be bridged with rap and hip hop.  In all due respect, Bishop T. D. Jakes who has taught oneness has allowed all sorts of hip hop gospel artists and christian rap artists to perform in his church and at his various conferences, allegedly.  Then there is Bishop Noel Jones, he's allegedly bridged the gap and his roots is the Apostolic church.  Furthermore, there are so many other apostolic churches who have compromised and not preached against hip hop gospel artists.  One of the most popular gospel artists who was raised in the apostolic church is Tye Tribbett.  Therefore, we must be honest, all who have been brought up within the apostolic church have not been distinct from the world and many have compromised in their lives.   We could name so many more, but that's just enough to remind you that the apostolic church has not been perfect.  Dr. Johnson has also mentioned on this following video that one of his friends in the ministry allowed rap music in his church, but there will never be any rap in his church, even after he's gone.   God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

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