Sunday, February 1, 2015

Preachers' Daughter's Cast Member Talks About Homosexuality and Drinking

Praise the Lord, we are so very glad the new show, 'Preachers Daughter' is opening up about the issue of homosexuality and not just drinking.  You know, so many times, the church welcomes sinners who were drug dealers, drug attics, alcoholics, but not so much homosexuals and prostitutes.  By these cast members allegedly making their confession, it really is a blessing. It's about time, the church welcomes more gays, lesbians, transsexuals and even prostitutes.  

According to, in the latest episode of Lifetime’s docu-soap “Preachers’ Daughters” airing on Jan. 30, one preacher’s daughter, Kristiana Flowers, admits her struggle with homosexuality, while her housemate and fellow preacher’s daughter, Cierra Vaughn, is strictly against it because of her biblical values. Cierra, 22, is forced to defend those values when she hears about Kristiana’s struggles and witnesses lesbians on the party scene in Cabo, Mexico, where nine girls were grouped together to do missions work for the show.  

God is going to bless these preachers daughters for their honesty. The church world needs no more prejudice against certain groups of people, but to embrace and love them, regardless if it is wrong, according to God's Word. Furthermore, we suppose reality TV is not so bad after all.

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Photo: Lifetime

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