Sunday, February 8, 2015

President Obama Condemned Those Who ‘Highjack Religion for Murderous Ends’ At National Prayer Breakfast

We wonder if Bush or any other former president was in office would have confronted what is going on with ISIS and others who are taking away freedom of religion by committing murder?  We must say we do have a very courageous president and thank God for him boldly admitting the truth. It is such an honor to hear President Obama care about what is going on against Christians; for this reason our opinion, there seemed to be more consideration for gay marriage than our freedom to serve God.  According to, Obama is speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, an annual gathering of politicians, faith leaders and dignitaries in Washington. The president called on people of faith to push back on those who seek to distort religion.  President Obama also spoke about some people, killing in the the name of Christ and so much more than that. You'll have to watch this video for yourself and you will discover President Obama is more spiritual than we thought. President Obama allegedly referred to himself as a man of faith. In the meantime, we will continue to pray for President Obama and that the attack on Christians come to an end.

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