Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prophet John Paul Jackson Dies


We thank God for the life of the late prophet, Minister John Paul Jackson.  God really used him in a marvelous way.  He always foretold the future of what was about to occur. Many of you may wonder why we are losing some of our best preachers.  Often times, God allows them and others to cease earth, because He doesn't want them to face some of the worst issues, which we are facing today, such as ISIS, for example.   

Now, we don't know why God allowed Prophet Jackson to leave us, all we know is that, he is in a much better place.  Furthermore, let us be grateful each day we wake up and refrain from complaining about life. You never know when God says, 'it's time.'  Not saying that Prophet Jackson or any other person complained, we are just speaking to you in general, because every-time we look around, someone dear to us has passed away.   Let us not hate each other, love and unite more.  Let us make peace among ourselves, so when God says it's time to leave this earth, our lives will be clean before the throne.   We want to hear Jesus say, 'well done, they good and faithful servant.'   

According to, Jackson has been battling cancer since May 2014 after doctors found a large, aggressive growth in his leg that needed immediate treatment. Through this experience, he wrote how cancer taught him much about how seriously God takes our fears and vowed to use prayer to fight it.  

May Prophet John Paul Jackson rest in peace, we are going to miss his prophecies, for we know they were straight from God.   SCR loves each and every one of you.  If no one told you that you loved, remember, you are loved by us.  Remain strong in Christ and God bless. 


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