Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks Out Against Young Activists

We can comprehend why Rev. Al Sharpton is furious about many young activists these days. We question, if a lot of them have studied black history and are familiar with the struggle before this era, before 25 years ago? Absolutely not. Many of them are uneducated and are just rallying to show off and release their hostility, they know nothing about what it was to be alive before 1990 and endure racial discrimination. In our opinion, the young activists today do not compare to those who were on the front lines in the 1960's, because of so much diversity has made it easier for them to not experience actual racism.  According to,  Rev. Al Sharpton responded to the growing challenge by lashing out at younger activists, addressing them in a speech to his congregants.  “They are pimping you,” he said, referring to activists who he said were trying to divide young protesters from the older generation of activists.  We are so afraid to see who will be bold as Rev. Sharpton, if he should depart this world, for many of the young activists are not familiar with the actual struggle of being black and do not realize the root cause of racism in America.

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