Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rev. Darryl Edwards, Pastor of Fannin Street UMC in Goliad, Texas, Dies While Eulogizing Church Member

We know a lot of you do not believe Bishop Earthquake Kelley's testimony, but isn't it strange that a lot of ministers are dying in the pulpit, lately.  Without judgment, you can hear what he said for yourself, toward the end of this post.   This time, Rev. Darryl Woods was eulogizing a church member's funeral when he passed away, allegedly.  

According to, ripping the microphone with one hand, Sheila Edwards said her brother reached his other hand to the sky and said, "God, I need your help."

This is why we remind you all the time, we have no time for division and conflict, but God wants us to get closer to Him, none of us never know when it's our time to go.  Let us pray for peace and every-time the Devil rises up with resentment against us, let's pray and not give into the enemy. God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

Watch Video, Go Straight to 11:54

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