Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sacramento Church Choir Director, Kareem Mitchell, Arrested for Molesting Teenage Boy

Now this is a place we don't hear much about when it comes to black clergy ministers or in this case, a choir director molesting a child.  North Highlands is an area in Sacramento where you don't even hear many complaints about racism, because so much diversity covers it up.   A 26 year old man came forward to complain about this choir director, Kareem Mitchell of New Testament Baptist Church molesting him back in the mid 2,000's when he was just 16 years old.  

This sick demon of perversion continues to flow throughout some black churches, because some pastors fail to enforce altar calls.  There used to be a time when pastors within the black church would have altar calls and praying with souls for hours until the Holy Ghost would move and covert the minds and spirits of sinners, but this is not the case anymore. Also, there used to be a time when black preachers would preach against sexual perversion, but now they have became so diverse, they are afraid to preach the truth.  Now, we don't know what Pastor Donnie W. Bryant preaches against, but- Kareem Mitchell should not have gotten away with this for so long until this alleged victim came forward.  Allegedly, there were previous complaints, but the church allegedly failed to deal with it.  

According to, Kareem Mitchell was ultimately arrested Tuesday, and booked into Sacramento County Jail on sex charges including sodomy and oral copulation.   

We pray Kareem Mitchell repents and totally surrenders to God before it's everlasting too late.  Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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