Monday, February 23, 2015

The Heated Debate Among Pastor Bullock and Others on 'Preachers of Detroit' Cast Members Reveals No Peace Among Most Black People


If you can't have love, peace and unity among preachers, then how can we ever expect the black race to heal?   We thought the alleged dispute between Deitrick Haddon and Bishop Clarence McClendon on 'Preachers of LA' was serious, it doesn't compare to the ugliness we just viewed on 'Preachers of Detroit.'   Have you ever wondered why no matter how you may try to apologize and make peace within the black race,  nothing ever seems to get better? It's spiritual and Satan is having fun, sitting back laughing.   In our opinion, many within the black race are just not able to ever desire love, peace and unity, simply because they are on an agenda to help destroy each other, just like many white supremacists.   

On 'Preachers of Detroit', it was so terrible, although Pastor David Bullock may have spoke some truth, he was not able to get along with anyone on the set.   He smoked his cigars in the beginning and it was nothing but a demon of jealousy just spoken through his mouth, but it was all over his continence.  His jealousy was so bad, the core of the issue within the black community could never be brought up for a discussion.  How could he ever desired to work with Bishop Charles Ellis III and Bishop Clarence Langston, if he keeps throwing out about their wealth? He made that the center of the show, then entire time.   It doesn't seem like they will be able to ever work with him.  

Also, we don't notice them judging him because of his cigars.   Yes, Pastor David Bullock seemed to be showing off, smoking cigars in the beginning of the show and it seemed like he was in a night club setting, that's very wrong.  Therefore, if it's wrong for these preachers to enjoy their wealth, then it's wrong for him to smoke cigars.  You are supposed to show the difference between the clean and the unclean.   What's the used of him throwing out about helping the black community, if he can't see that his malice and smoking cigars is wrong?   How can souls come into his church and get set free, if he's always ready to fight his fellow preachers?  Bishop Langston even tried to make peace with him and he didn't want it.  So, if he wasn't willing to be peaceful with Bishop Langston, then how can he expect peace within the black community?  If Bishop Langston had to continuously almost plead with this guy to make peace, then there is no hope for it to ever happen.   As our Word says in Amos 3:3, how can two walk together except they agree?  Too many black people are killing each other not just with guns and knives, but with their mouth and no wonder black people are yet dying and cannot ever be successful like other races. 

In conclusion, while Pastor David Bullock and others were debating and not making peace, as of right now, hell is full of millions of people who acted the same way and they will never be able to escape demons tormenting them, eternally.  Saints of God, we've got to get right, we have no more time for conflict.  It's sad that no matter how much Bishop Langston wanted peace, Pastor Bullock kept raging, but when it's like that, all we can do is pray and give it to God.  Jesus Christ is examining us, every second.  Don't you realize everything we say and do is being recorded and we will to eventually stand in judgement?  Where do you think we will go, if we act the way they were acting on 'Preachers of Detroit?  We sure are not going to make heaven our home.

Please watch Bill Wiese Testimony. He was a Christian before God took him there.  God wants us to be holy, pure and righteous.  Let us make a vow to love each other and stop all the hate, in Jesus name.

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Video: Bill Wiese

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