Saturday, February 21, 2015

Watch Carlton Pearson's Video: 'Apostasy, the real Apocalypse'

We don't know where to start.  However, we will first say, if we really are close to God, we need to hold Carlton Pearson up in prayer.  Now, although he is stating some truth about the insanity within the body of Christ, he yet seems to be somewhat lost, himself.   God wants us to win him back by praying for him, because it seems like the more people are upset about his gospel of Inclusion, the more he's speaking out as though he is right.   

On this following video, he makes it very clear, regarding Pat Robertson selling and even wearing a necklace to ward off the demon of homosexuality. We agree with him on that, something's not right about it.  However, the other topics such as the Word of God being made up by Jews and therefore, it's their opinion, allegedly, we do not agree with.  There has been factual evidence that God gave these men in the Bible the reality of Jesus Christ, how we should live and if we don't live right, we are not going to heaven.  

Allegedly, Pearson calls it mental illness or paranoia to even think that there is a 'Second Coming', an 'Anti-Christ,' 'Anti-Prophet...' Allegedly, he points out that there is a type of theology that has created a type of mental illness.  We perceived it as Pearson saying there is something wrong with preparing for Christ's return, believing the rapture will occur, and making sure we are being holy, so we don't miss heaven is insanity, that's what we understood while watching his following video.

Pearson touches on the subject of Christians being persecuted.  We wonder since he is a very educated man, did he cunningly turn away from Christ, so he would not have to face persecution for being a Christian?  Did he know about some Islamic extremists plan to kill Christians?   Did Pearson learn before most Christians about many atheists allegedly taking away the rights of Christians in America? Was he afraid to face and endure the persecution as a Christian?

If you listen to this following video, Pearson does not even sound like the same man who was over a mega ministry and AZUSA.  Satan does not want us to pray for him, but we must put our anger aside and recognize that this is not Carlton Pearson speaking, but another spirit, not of God, has allegedly taken him over.

Watch Carlton Pearson - Apostasy, the real Apocalypse

Source: Bishop Pearson/ YouTube Upload

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