Friday, February 27, 2015

Woman Saw Mother and Aunt in Hell, and Saw More Until Jesus Gave Her Permission to Leave

An Hispanic woman by the name of Maria Nieves, not only saw her mother and aunt in hell, but she also saw teenagers there.   She saw men and women drinking and dancing, in misery.  She saw demons tormenting them.  Some of these demons had two eyes, some had one and some demons had none.   Some young people tried committing suicide all sorts of ways, but they could not die. She saw her family, including herself in a nightclub, dancing to horrible music as they demons tore their flesh torn a part.   You've got to hear the rest for yourself, but before you listen, we want you to know that Jesus wants no one to go to hell.  He loves each and every last one of us, but there are things in this life we cannot do, if we want to make it to heaven.  God bless and love you so much.

Listen to Nieves Testimony

Source and photo: reboot70

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