Sunday, March 29, 2015

100 Detroit Churches Organize March for Racial and Economic Justice: SCR Has Another Solution

We were stunned when we read the headlines about 100 churches joining for a march for racial and economic justice in Detroit.  The city of Detroit has an African American population of about 85%.  We ask you, how can whites or any other race oppress black people in that city?  We believe wherever African Americans are the dominate race within a city, they can easily take strategic measures to change things for the better, there's no excuse.  One of the reasons why it's never worked, there's a lack of love, respect and unity among them.  In our opinion, the main problem in Detroit, is black oppressing other blacks, just like in other various cities across America.

We've watched several documentaries, regarding the history of Detroit, besides 'Preachers of Detroit' and we learned that the problem there mainly black on black crime, in our opinion. The solution for racial and economic justice is for those same 100 churches to join forces against black on black crime and for the pastors to enforce love, respect and unity within the black community, not just in the church.  It's time to teach African Americans to be fair to each other before they can expect respect and justice in return from whites and other races. 

According to, Called the March for Justice, the walk is part of a broader effort to highlight what organizers say is the growing marginalization of African Americans in Detroit. While the city's residential population is 84% African-American, the community is being ignored in recent development efforts, said members of the planned march.

According to, the march and later actions planned — such as voter registration — are to help "eliminate racially-motivated injustice and promote economic parity," Sanders said. About 3,000 to 5,000 are expected to take part in the march, said organizers.
Of course, there are other measures these 100 churches in Detroit could take once they spread the message of love, respect and unity within the black community.  All of that energy they are putting into this upcoming march, they could be putting into distributing fliers, making announcements through radio and TV networks for a revival, not just for their congregants, but for all citizens who wish to eliminate crime.  For the problem in Detroit is a spiritual issue, a battle that cannot be solved through marches and rallies.  The same Devil that is behind racism and racial injustice is the same Devil that is working through the evil spirits of blacks against blacks within the city of Detroit.  The citizens of Detroit must take control of their neighborhoods through the power of God.  Once they take control over the neighborhoods by taking strategic steps to eliminate crime within their neighborhoods, then they can command racial and economic justice.  

In conclusion, this solution can be used all states across America where there is a problem of racial discrimination, social and economic injustice.

This following video reveals the problems that should cease among many blacks in Detroit before the citizens can expect racial and economic justice.

Detroit bankruptcy documentary on Crime: Gangs, drug dealers, decline of the economy

Source: BlackChristianNews
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