Monday, March 16, 2015

Angie Stone Standing With Her Pastor Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. Requesting Prayer, Peace and Deliverance

We actually were blessed to watch this Sunday service online at House of Hope Atlanta.  Therefore, we are so grateful broke the story about Angie Stone requesting prayer.  She humbly spoke through the microphone and then, Pastor E. Dewey Smith explained a summary in his own words what actually occurred between Stone's daughter and herself.  Then, he rebuked Satan in the situation, as the saints of God surrounded her in prayer.  It was so wonderful to see and we have faith God will intervene.  

According to, after preaching the two very profound messages, Dr. Smith was closing the service and opened the opportunity for one of his college students that had a stroke a year ago to share her testimony how she is still here. Well, that testimony started a move of God that left few dry eyes in the house! Angie Stone the world renowned singer came forward and asked the church to be in prayer for her and her daughter.  

Let's keep Angie Stone and her daughter, Diamond in prayer.  God bless you.


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