Saturday, March 14, 2015

Apostle David E. Taylor Prays Dr. Gail Davis Back to Life After Being Dead for 6 Minutes!! Praise God!

This woman of God, Dr. Gail Davis of Connecticut was not feeling well when she was instructed to go to the hospital. When she was in the hospital, the assistant pastor of her church, actually died. She began to spiral into death about 6 times when a group of prayer warriors were surrounding her with prayer.  She had to have an incubation tube, in order to breath and could not talk.

Dr. Gail Davis says she died for 6 minutes, after being in cardiac arrest.  Her heart completely stopped beating. 

Apostle David E. Taylor began to rebuke death over the phone.  He said, 'God said you shall not die and you shall walk again.'

Apostle David E. Taylor explains that in order to stop God's work, he always tries to attack the leaders and that's just what he was doing.  However, the Lord brought Dr. Gail Davis out of her situation and now she is yet alive, after being in the hospital for 50 days.

Don't you know if God can raise this woman out of death, He can definitely bring you out of your situation?  Have faith and trust Him.   God is real and yet raising people from the dead.  Furthermore, just because we are in an age of mega ministries that are mostly not about fasting and prayer, it does not mean the God no longer works miracles.  Like Apostle David E. Taylor says, we've been commanded to heal the sick and raise the dead.  However, if these pastors are mainly focused on just winning the young folks and getting rich, then none of these miracles will manifest in their churches.  Also, if they would just seek God like the saints years ago and stop teaching that being holy is a tradition, then God will began to manifest Himself like He did in in Dr. Gail Davis life.

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