Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bishop Charles H. Ellis III Explains Why He's Not Ashamed of His Wealth

Bishop Charles H. Ellis who is on the reality show, 'Preachers of Detroit' shares why he's not ashamed of his wealth.  On the show, Bishop Ellis and is family is often seen posing in front of their luxury mansion and Bentley.  We think it's so humorous when Pastor David Bullock brought up the subject of preachers and their fine cars, Bishop Ellis responds, 'Don't get it twisted,' and he's so blunt when he says it. 
“Any man or woman of the cloth that would allow someone to dictate what they have or don’t have, I don’t know why they would do that. Nobody in my congregation comes to me to ask what they should buy. I have been past that for a long time,” he explained.
“My Bentley is 14 years old. If I want to update it, I will. It doesn’t matter what people think. We as African Americans, after going through hundreds of years of oppression and having people tell us where we can and can’t live, do you think I would care what people think about where I live? Are you kidding me? We still have to get permission from somebody to live somewhere or drive a certain car?”
He’s also not sympathetic to the notion that whatever money a preacher makes should be spent on charity instead of mansions and luxury cars and also resents the inference that wealthy ministers are making money off the poor.
 In the meantime, we'll keep you posted, if necessary.  God bless.

Source and Photo: cocoafab.com

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