Thursday, March 5, 2015

Black Pastors Commend Judge Roy Moore for Stopping Homosexual Marriages in Alabama

Supreme Court Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore is one of the most courageous individuals in America.  Although some couples were allegedly receiving their marriage licenses in the state of Alabama since 2003, he's demanded that judges to stop giving them out.

According to, Moore court issued a ruling Tuesday demanding that probate judges halt giving marriage licenses to gay couples following a judge’s recent ruling declaring Alabama’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional. Moore recused himself but supported the ruling.  The Coalition of African-American Pastors released a statement Wednesday announcing that Moore will receive the group’s first ever “Letter from Birmingham Jail Courage Award” for his actions.

We pray that God touches the hearts of other men and women in power to do what's right like Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore.   It is better to be unpopular and follow Christ, then to be a follower of what is popular and end up in hell.  God bless.

Photo: (Photo: Reuters/Tami Chappell)

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