Monday, March 2, 2015

British Christian Who Was Fired for Telling Co-Worker ‘God Does Not Condone Homosexuality’ Will Fight Dismissal

Praise the Lord, we suppose Ms. Sarah Mybuyi was witnessing on the job and giving her biblical point of view about homosexuality.  However, she lost her job because of it.  It's so sad, many of us Christians are already harassed on the job for just admitting we are children of God and in most cases, we lose our job for not being ashamed of Christ.   This is why God wants us to no longer work for the world, but to become entrepreneurs, because too many unbelievers are on an agenda to try and stop us from serving the Lord.  According to, the Belgian-born Ms Mbuyi has said she will fight the dismissal, intending to argue at Watford Employment Tribunal that she has the right under EU law to enter into conversations with adult colleagues subject to the normal principles of engagement in speech.  In the meantime, we will keep Ms Sarah Mbuyi in our prayers.  God bless you.

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