Sunday, March 22, 2015

Celebrity News: Former Baltimore Ravens Player Diagnosed With a Deadly Disease Opposes Maryland's Assisted Suicide Bill

Praise the Lord for faith, regardless of doctors telling anyone of you, you have a death sentence, because of an incurable disease.  This former linebacker O.J. Brigance has testified that legalizing assisted suicide is wrong in his own words and he explains why.
  Brigance opposes Maryland's assisted suicide bill.

According to, O. J. Brigance said these words:
"Since being diagnosed, I have done greater good for society in eight years than my previous 37 years on earth," Brigance asserted. "I don't know how many days I have left to live but everyone has a purpose. The thought that there would be a legal avenue for an individual to take their own life in a moment of despair, robbing family, friends and society of their presence and contribution to society deeply saddens me and is a tragedy."
In the meantime, we are believing for God to work a miracle in O. J. Brigance life and will keep him in our prayers.

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