Monday, March 2, 2015

Churches in Tennessee, Pray to Keep Swingers Club Out of Their Community

If black churches you regularly have prayers meetings on a weekly basis like this church in Madison, Tennessee, we would combat a lot of sexual demons in America.  There is business not far from a Christian school that wants that is for swingers.   The saints of God at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church are praying for God to keep this club out of the community.   

According to, Sandy McClain, pastor of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, was the first of several spiritual leaders who took to the stage in the auditorium of the Fine Arts Center at the Goodpasture Christian School, where just down the road a business catering to sexual swinging, known as The Social Club, is hoping to take root.

We just don't need this sort of club out of the neighborhood where are children are going to school, but Lord, keep it out of this country.   Furthermore, let us all join in with Mt. Calvary Baptist Church and start holding prayer meetings against all kinds of satanic activities in this country.

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