Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Creflo Dollar Believes Poverty Is Ungodly

Of course, we cannot argue the fact, God does not want His children to be poor nor does he like homelessness.  However, if poverty is so ungodly as Creflo Dollar says, then why doesn't he help create more jobs for the poor?  Creflo Dollar just requested for 200,000 people to give $300 each, to purchase a $65 million plane.  Although, he ended the campaign, he still has not mentioned anything about creating a campaign to build homeless shelters around the country. 
Poverty, says Dollar, is ungodly."Poverty is not the will of God for any believer. However, there are Christians who have taken a "vow of poverty" because they believe that poverty is a part of being holy and righteous. This is far from the truth," explains Dollar in an article on his website titled "Your Inheritance of Wealth and Riches."
"Poverty has nothing to do with godliness, or God — likeness. To be poor, or impoverished, means, 'to be without; in lack; deprived.' You and I don't serve a God of lack and insufficiency. He is the God of the exceeding and the abundant. In fact, He wants to lavish you with His goodness (Ephesians 3:20)," he continues.
What God does not like, is all of these rich preachers who have not given a part of their donations into helping end poverty in America.

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Source and Photo: christianpost.com

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