Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Detroit, MI.-The Satanic Temple launches petition for 'discrimination transparency'

We do not understand why the Satanic Temple of Detroit would have interest in doing something that would benefit people of all religious beliefs, if they are children of the Devil, allegedly.  They want to legalize a policy that would hang a sign in the entry way, which would inform customers and employees of denying certain people in a place of business.  

According to MyFoxDetroit.com, the Satanic Temple of Detroit has started a petition for 'discrimination transparency'. In a media release posted on the TST website on Thursday, more description is given about the petition for 'discrimination transparency'. 

Of course, this would indeed be good for Christian business owners, so they would not have to face a lawsuit, like bakeries, for example.  However, we question if this would be a good idea, because they are not serving our God.  It's twisted, this group is allegedly helping out patrons, according to MyFoxDetroit.com, but really, it seems as though they are helping out business owners.

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Source: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com

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