Thursday, March 19, 2015

Detroit Pastor, Steve Lee Promise to Help Pay Heating Bill, But Scammed Residents Out of Money

Pastor Steve Lee promised to help to pay some heating bills for some residents in Detroit, but instead scammed them out of money.  Allegedly, he even removed their name off the bills and switched with a name they did not recognize.  One of the women who was scammed out of money, first saw this crooked preacher's ad on Facebook, another one happened to see him in front of his church.

According to, the pastor said he worked with THAW, the Detroit charity that helps thousands make it through the winter.  According to Jaqueline, the pastor said his church and THAW had a power program that would cost her a fraction of her current bill.

Be careful there's a lot of scam artists on Facebook and a lot of times you cannot even trust a preacher like Pastor Daniel Lee, if you meet them at the church.

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Source and Photo:
Source and Photo: The Old Black Church

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