Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dr.Frederick D. Haynes,III Presents A Workshop On How To Organize Your Church For Justice Ministry

dr fredrick haynes justice ministry

It's a shame we are in living in era when many pastors within the black church need to learn how to speak the truth about injustice toward black people in America. Dr. Frederick Haynes is presenting a worship for all preachers to learn about social justice in the church.  It seems like this workshop will stress how important it is to for the black church to be concerned about what it going on against African Americans in this era. 

Back in the 1960's our people were struggling for equality and it was so bad, the black church had to be the foundation within the black community. However, there are so many black preachers over mega ministries these days, it seems like most of them are more focused on not offending their multi-cultural congregations, they fail to speak the truth about social injustice. 
 We sincerely hope many of them show up at Dr. Frederick Haynes workshop and learn that we are now back in time and America very well could end up back in the days of Jim Crowe. It's time for all preachers to speak the truth and of course, first comes repentance. Yes, all black people must repent to God before preaching about social injustice. It is time for black preachers everywhere to preach God is the ruler and for black people to no longer idolize white America. Dr. Haynes workshop is right on time.

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