Sunday, March 15, 2015

Franklin Graham Allegedly Offends African Americans

Did you read the above post by Franklin Graham?  Of course, in the past, we have agreed with Franklin Graham based on the subject of morals in this country.  However, we have to disagree with him this time.  It's wrong for any cop to be racist and make a slave out of a citizen.  Now, he allegedly says to do whatever they tell you to do, such as being obedient and submitting to authority, but-there have been many cases when a lot of blacks have been obedient and were treated lower than dogs. 

Franklin Graham does not know what it is to be black, so he cannot act as though he is so superior he can make a judgement as in the cases that occurred in Ferguson or elsewhere were because of disobedience. Now, just maybe there are a lot of African Americans who have been disobedient to God, but to police officers, that's another story, in most cases.

Furthermore, just because there are a lot of blacks sharing their lives as spouses to white or Hispanics, it does not mean that they live the same life.  It's still very different being a black person.

According to The Old Black Church, this privilege white man is such a hypocrite that it's not even funny. How about he has spent a great amount of his time and years disrespecting the highest authority in the land (President Obama) now all of a sudden he speaks of respect? Get out of here with that foolishness, talk about a lack of credibility. 

You see, this is one of the main reasons why many African Americans who are unsaved who will not waste time listening to a sermon about salvation from a white man.  

Source and Photo: The Old Black Church

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