Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Franklin Graham says Obama’s ‘Sympathy to Islam’ May Lead to Christians Being Persecuted in America

Some of you Christians who support President Obama, may not be aware of his history.  He grew up in an Islamic environment and this is one of the main reasons why Franklin Graham is pointing out, the danger that's coming to America.  After the be-headings of many Christians, President Obama has allegedly sympathized with Islam.  Therefore, this could cause the same sort of persecution in America in the future.

According to, Evangelist Franklin Graham says President Obama is sympathetic to Islam and is giving Muslim groups access to influence U.S. foreign policy, which eventually will lead to persecution of Christians and Jews in America. 

Furthermore, a lot of you black Christians have made the mistake of supporting him, because of his race, but you have to look at the spirit of a person.   So far, it's very scary what could happen to our rights as Christians.   If we see President Obama moving troops to destroy ISIS or any other terrorists, then we know we are safe here in America.  God bless.

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