Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prophet Eric Isaiah 'arrested over pregnant wife's death'

Pastor Eric Isaiah is accused of killing his wife.  Police allegedly find it suspicious that he requested that hotel workers not bother his wife when he left her alone for three days and there was no response.  When hotel officials finally entered the suite, she was found dead.  According to voice-online.co.uk Charmaine Speirs was allegedly found dead in the bathtub, "lying prostrate with a white towel wrapped around her, almost in a decomposed state".  Yes, there is something very strange about Pastor Isaiah's wife's death. 

According Eric Isaiah's Facebook page, it says this:

Eric Isaiah is a man of God gifted in Prophetic and Apostolic Ministry and moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, God uses him mightily in his Prophetic. 
The message he carries by the grace of God brings healing to the sick, emotional pain, metal torturers, the barren to take seed, premature deaths to disappear, hopeless situations are beamed with new hope, people are set free from all kinds of demonic oppression, failures, financial difficulties, people with demonic issues in their dreams and attacks , such as spiritual marriage, captives are set free, people under curse set free by the power of the Holy Ghost.
If he's so anointed to solve all these problems through the Holy Spirit and so prophetic, how could this occur?

Source and Photo: voice-online.co.uk
Source: The Old Black Church

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