Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gospel Artist, Erica Campbell's Husband Says God Gave Him the Name for His Church

Some of you may not know it, but there is a lot of demonic powers over the state of California.   Therefore, a Spirit filled church to break that ancient cycle among many whole rule there needs to be broken.  Gospel Artist, Erica Campbell's husband who recently opened the doors to California Worship Center admits that God gave him that name.  We sincerely pray that the Pastor Campbell's ministry is more than just about the name, but it's about deliverance.

According to, Warryn Campbell recently opened up about the idea of his church, California Worship Center being inspired by God.  Warryn, the My Block Records CEO, who has produced music for his wife Erica Campbell and her sister, Tina, in their group Mary Mary for years, has inspired a direction for the church. Now, the super producer is getting ready to open the doors to his church and opening up about the inspiration behind his name.

A big part of the problem in various states across America is that many pastors have moved away from naming their churches 'Full Gospel', 'Holiness Church' or 'Deliverance Temple' and they've followed the trend of calling their churches, 'Worship Center.'  Why not call it California Full Gospel Temple or California Deliverance Temple? Too many souls are dying going to hell right in the church, because it's too modern these days.   We don't know if God is happy with that name, because it can lead into another mega ministry that is not out to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ, but only out to stack millions of dollars in the bank.

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Warryn Campbell and his wife, inspiring gospel artist, Erica Campbell in our prayers.

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