Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gospel Artist Johnny Tyrone Stringfield Allegedly Publicly Opposes Kirk Franklin and Defends at Creflo Dollar

Now, we have never heard of gospel artist, Tyrone Stringfield, maybe this is why he's trying to get some publicity.   He allegedly says, 'Kirk Franklin has no room to throw stones at Creflo Dollar.'  Our response: 'Pleeease'.  Is he trying to get a gig at World Changers?  Why go public about a beef with a fellow gospel artist?   

You see, if these gospel artists are truly singing about God and for God, then a lot of them would not be acting this way, publicly.  The way Stringfield is sharing his thoughts about Kirk Franklin is like a secular artist, singing for the Devil.  You're not suppose to take your 'beef' as what Stringfield calls it, to the public, you are suppose to go to the person and pray about your dispute.  

According to, Stringfield contacted EUR ’cause basically he has beef with Kirk Franklin. And if he’s telling the truth, his beef sounds justified.

There's no need for this guy Stringfield to defend Creflo Dollar, because Dollar is not the one who is going to make him more famous than Kirk Franklin.   Furthermore, he needs to sing for the world if he's going to talk about the beef he had with someone.   We're not interested in ever listening to his music, it's probably not anointed anyway.  He's needs to go to the altar for defending Creflo Dollar who seems to care nothing for the poor, but only about getting millions of dollars to fly a jet.

SCR loves Kirk Franklin!!


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