Thursday, March 26, 2015

Harlem's Only Black LGBT Church Searches for a Location, Not the First Time

We know a lot of you ex-homosexuals thank God you are out of the world of spiritual darkness.  Just look at the above snapshot and go to praising God for delivering you from the lifestyle of homosexuality.  This is the Rivers of Living Water Church who has allegedly been going in circles for several years, trying to find a location to carry on with their services. 

Now, let us first say that Pastor Vanessa Brown allegedly stated she has been searching for a location for several years now.  In our opinion, God is saying this is not what He wants.  One of the main reason is, you cannot have church while being affectionate in God's House and this also goes for those who are straight. In the above snapshot one man is touching the other and then behind them look at those two women.  If it's a House of God, then why touch each other there?   What if children were in the midst?  And we would ask the same question, if it was a man and a woman, this should not be going on in any church.

One of the most important things we paid attention to is this, Pastor Brown allegedly stated that she has dealt with discrimination when trying to find a place for her church to worship.  It is not God's will for African Americans to fight the another battle of homosexuality, after fighting the battle of racial discrimination.   God did not create homosexuality for the black race or any other race, but especially African Americans whose ancestors were enslaved for over 400 years in America.  African Americans have a special call to be different and holy, not struggling in every battle for equality.

According to, Rivers of Living Water has become a place of refuge for African-American LGBT Christians, but it's a church without a home.

According to, The Harlem church declares itself "radically inclusive and open and affirming" of the LGBT community, and the majority of its congregation, along with its entire ministry, is LGBT. And unlike the few other Harlem churches that open their doors to gay members, Rivers of Living Water performs same-sex marriage ceremonies. 

In conclusion, if it's so right to be gay and God accepts it, then why can't this church find a final destination to hold services?   That should tell you right there this church is not God's will.  Also, we ought to feel a spirit of morals on this following video, not like we are in a gay night club.  

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Source and Photo:
Source: The Old Black Church

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