Monday, March 23, 2015

Hollywood News: Malik Yoba Was Reportedly Fired from “Empire” for Drugs

Now we don't know how true this is and we hate to go by hearsay.  However the latest reports that Malik Yoba has allegedly been kicked off of the hit TV series, Empire, because of drug use.  Now, we question these accusations, because Yoba's acting role was about a character using cocaine.  So, could this be a set up?

According to The Examiner, the scuttle-butt today is that he was booted because he was using drugs while working and making the other cast members uncomfortable. The details of the allegations have Fox exes getting wind of Yoba’s drug use and insisted the show runner Lee Daniels “give him the boot.”

Now on this following video, it doesn't seem like he was kicked off for being on drugs, the producers just thought that his character should die. So, it's obvious it's not true that he was actually using drugs.

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