Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In 1973, Prophet David Wilkerson Envisioned This Era of Rebellion within America, Including the Homosexual Agenda

After listening to this recorded prophecy by the late Rev. David Wilkerson, we realized God really used him while he was on earth.  Everything he prophesied back in 1973 describes what is going on not only within the church, regarding homosexuality, but also within this entire country. He saw in a vision how the youth turned away and how they had power over their parents to do whatever, they want to do.   Rev. Wilkerson saw how our freedom of religion is being taken away by spiritual wickedness in high places. All evangelical network are monitored by government agencies.  The formation of the super world church has been on the rise for many years now.  In a vision, he saw homosexuals being welcomed within the church and being ordained in many churches across America. He saw homosexuality being seen as normal within the church, way back in 1973.  He saw the new dancing in the church being excused in the church as a form of art. This is deep, this man saw this back in 1973! You must hear the rest for yourself and you will realize we were forewarned along time ago.


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