Friday, March 27, 2015

John Perkins Slams Creflo Dollar's Evil, Heretical Exploitation of Black Communities for $65 Million Private Jet Campaign

Praise the Lord for more people coming out speaking against Creflo Dollar's greed and others like him.  He needs to be rebuked, because he's not right.  We've heard from inspiring gospel artist, Kirk Franklin and The Grio even wrote an article, comparing Dollar to Jay-z and Kanye West among other high profile preachers of mega ministries.  Now God is using this man, civil rights activist, John M. Perkins to truthfully open up about how evil Creflo Dollar is.

According to, John M. Perkins, a civil rights leader and father of the racial reconciliation movement, criticized pastor Creflo Dollar's former fundraising campaign for a new $65 million private jet as "evil," "heresy," and "exploitation," as he explained the damage prosperity preachers have done to black communities.

We agree, but this has been going on for over 20 years now since a lot of black pastors have been over mega ministries and not focusing on issues within the black community.  It sure takes a civil rights leader like John M. Perkins to explain what damage has been done, so we can finally fix the problem.   However, we certainly feel because Creflo Dollar and others like him have not reached out to the black community over the years, too much damage has been done. Therefore, the damage caused by the greed of a lot of preachers may never be fixed if they do not repent.  We can never fight injustice done to African Americans if preachers don't stop focusing on prosperity and start focusing on the destruction among our own people.

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(Photo: Courtesy of Alli Rader)

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