Sunday, March 8, 2015

Missouri Man Charged With Killing Pastor Daron Washington

This reminds us of the previous case, involving the deceased COGIC pastor in Memphis, Ronald Paige.  If you recall, in that case, the pastor was also shot dead after being kind by allowing a young guy share his apartment.  So, it is the same with this late pastor, Daron Washington, 49He was shot dead while asleep by a 24-year-old man, Malcolm Bentley who was staying in his place for 2 days.  Just as with Paige, this young guy took after with Washington's car after killing him. 

Now, although, it was allegedly stated by the Paige's killer that the late COGIC pastor tried to rape him (See here), what's the excuse of stealing his car, after murdering him?  None, no excuse whatsoever.

According to, authorities said Bentley began staying with the pastor two days before his death. Investigators found Washington’s body outside the building after firefighters extinguished a fire in his apartment that authorities said was set intentionally. Washington’s car was missing.

We truly believe that the days of reaching out to young men without using precaution is over. We don't think it's wise for any minister to allow a stranger to reside in their house, you never know when they are possessed with the demon of murder.   Yes, there are many troubled black men, but in most cases you must only witness and allow God to be their Savior, because too many of them are evil and will not appreciate the good you do.  

Now, no one mentioned anything about rape in this case of Pastor Washington's death, but if Washington's killer comes out with the reason for murder later on as though he was being raped,  there's still no excuse for murder, ever.  If these young guys are so threatened they should call police and don't steal any possessions after leaving the residence of their alleged attacker. Furthermore, we pray for Malcolm L. Bentley to repent before it's everlasting too late.


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