Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pastor James David Manning Says For Preachers Not to Be Afraid To Preach Against Homosexuality Just Because they May Have either Been Gay or Tempted Like Himself

Praise the Lord for Pastor James David Manning's honesty.  Can you tell us how many preachers in the black church would admit they were once tempted to be with the same sex?  Not many.  A lot of them may touch on the subject here and there, but never admit they have either had a homosexual relationship or have been tempted like Pastor James David Manning.   

On this following video, 'Man Of God: Curse And Bind', Pastor James Manning also says we have the right to curse people, as a man of God, allegedly.   He says that anyone who was once a Sodomite who has turned their life around, they have the right to curse them for bringing up the past.

Now, if you stop at around 13:00, you will hear Pastor Manning encourage any preacher who has either been tempted to a homosexual or have been gay, but came out of it, to preach against it.  He says not to be afraid of what your ex-lover(s) may come out with about you.  For this reason, a fatal disease may afflict their body.  Pastor Manning allegedly says he's been capable of putting a curse on anyone who have came against him. However, we disagree with Pastor Manning, because we feel we should pray for our enemies, because God has control over them and He will take care as He sees fit as it says in Psalm 37.  If you read that whole chapter you will acknowledge God will take care of our enemies, but as far as binding and loosing in the aspect of putting a curse on them, we do not think God agrees with doing so.  

***To Bind means we can bind the demons that act up in people who may give us a hard time and obstacle in our lives, we can bind the enemy that is holding back our blessing, etc.   Loosing in our opinion means to command demons to flee in any situation.  Yes, we do have the power to bind and loose.

Pastor James Manning also says we have the power to send people to hell, which is another statement we disagree with, only God has the power to send people to heaven or hell, in our opinion.  However, we do have the power to bind and loose, according to God's Word, but we instruct you to pray for your enemies.  Furthermore, anything else such as not being afraid to preach against certain sins like homosexuality and standing against abortion, we agree with him.  No man or woman of God should ever be afraid to preach against homosexuality, just because of their past of being a homosexual and yes, this is most likely why many preachers are not doing so. And do not worry, if anyone does try to hold you back such as one of your ex-lovers, let them try it and God will most likely take care of them and you may feel sorry for them.

Pastor Manning also says for women in churches who have had abortions in their past, not to be afraid to stand against abortions. 

God bless and enjoy Pastor James David Manning.

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Source and Photo: ATLAHWorldwide

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