Friday, March 13, 2015

Pastor James David Manning Speaks with Interview With Gina Miller about the Homosexual Movement

We wholeheartedly agree, the left wing has ruined the majority of the black race, but Pastor David Manning mainly speaks about homosexuals who he allegedly calls, 'Sodomites.'   She opens up about the damage within society regarding the homosexual movement and what it has done to the black race, as far as trying to combine their movement with civil rights.   Miller speaks about how critical the movement is, because of its power and how it dominates in schools and businesses like Chick-fil-A across America.

Often times, Pastor Manning points out, in is own words, the homosexual movement gets stronger, specifically within the church, because possibly the pastor has failed and so just maybe he will not rebuke the parents for being homosexuals.

Gina Miller describes the homosexual movement as demonic and how in this era, it maybe to late to turn our society around toward biblical morals. Miller allegedly says, one day we will be outlawed as Christians.

Miller agrees with Pastor Manning that our society has become so corrupt, the younger generation does not know what is right and what is wrong.   You'll have to hear the rest for yourself and you will discover the danger our society is in, because morals and values have ceased this nation and even possibly, in the UK

Watch Video

Source: Gina Miller

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