Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pastor James David Manning to Bring Back Preaching Hell, Fire and Brimstone in the Church

Pastor James Manning instructs preachers to bring back hell, fire and brimstone in their sermons and we agree with him.  So many pastors are so afraid of losing tithes and offerings, for fear of offending their church members with the biblical truth.   Saints, hell is very real and we heard of so many testimonies of people who claimed they actually went on a tour to hell and saw preachers down there for not preaching the truth.   Now, some of you may not like Pastor Manning, because he's so bold, but he's telling the truth.  Why do you think there are so many preachers falling dead in their pulpits?   We are not judging, but we did hearing Bishop Earthquake Kelley's claim that God told him when he experienced his near death experience, it would occur. It is your responsibility as a man or woman of God's Word to tell people the truth, hell is real and if we don't live right, we will be there forever and never get out.

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Source: ATLAHWorldwide

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