Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pastor Marvin Sapp Is Elevated To Bishop Designate under Bishop Neil Ellis

Praise God, we've always been very blessed by Bishop Neil Ellis and it says a lot that he has requested Pastor Marvin Sapp to become a bishop in his organization, Gulf United Fellowship.   It is our gut feeling that Dr. Marvin Sapp will attract many more members at his church, Light House Full Life Center  Church.

As many of you already know, Bishop Neil Ellis is such an anointed man of God, so we know he is led by God whoever he chooses to become a part of his organization, GUF.

According to the, multi-platinum gospel recording artist Marvin Sapp is now Bishop Designate Sapp in “Gulf United Fellowship”   (GUF) under the leadership of Bishop Neil C. Ellis. The appointment of Sapp to this high office was first announced in 2014 at GUF’s “The Gathering” convention in Winston Salem, NC.

We look forward to giving you any further information, if necessary.

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