Friday, March 27, 2015

Pastor Tony Evans Says We Can't Use the Reality of Racial Divide to Condone Irresponsibility in the Black Community

We can say 'Amen' a trillion times to Pastor Tony Evans statement, he says we cannot condone irresponsibility among African Americans for the racial divide, allegedly.  Time and time again we've said the same thing.  Let's be honest for many years most black people have not been responsible when it comes to upholding a moral standard.  Things must be done right, in order simmer any racial tensions.  However, we yet believe the lack of love, respect and unity among ourselves is one of the main reasons we have faced injustice and inequality within America.  Therefore, if we cannot unite among ourselves, it will never work with other races, regardless of how many bi-racial couples there are.

According to, in his final remarks during a Thursday panel discussing racial reconciliation in America and the importance of urban ministry, African-American pastor, author and syndicated radio broadcaster Tony Evans boldly stated that many of the issues surrounding race in America stem from the social irresponsibility of those within the African-American community.

According to, Speaking at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission's Leadership Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, Evans asserted that although the responsibility to alleviate the racial divide also lies with the church and other racial classes who must hold government accountable to change an unjust justice system, black Americans cannot use the existence of racial tensions to justify careless or irresponsible actions.
"There is another side here that needs to be brought to bear and that is black accountability. Because while we want to have the sensibility that we are talking about, and we must have it, we cannot use the reality of race to condone irresponsibility," Evans explained. "Much that goes under the name of race has to do with black irresponsibility."
We will update any future news on this topic in the future, if necessary.

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