Monday, March 16, 2015

Police say Man in Pennsylvania Killed a Pastor Because he Thought the Pastor Was Possessed by Demons

You have to be very careful, praying for people these days.  Roland Zinneh asked for his pastor, Connery Dagadu pray for him, but ended up killing him, because he said he was demon possessed.  Now, how could this church member feel he had so much authority to even think his pastor was demon possessed. If that was the case, he wouldn't even asked for prayer and never would have belong to his church. 

According to, Roland Zinneh, 38, went to a home Tuesday night where Connery Dagadu was renting a room. He asked the pastor to help pray with him about the voices he was hearing, police said. The next morning, the owner of the home, heard a commotion and found Dagadu on the basement floor unresponsive, police said.

This guy is so insane, he was yelling when police took him into custody that he kills demons, according to

May Connery Dagadu rest in peace. 

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