Saturday, March 14, 2015

“Preachers Of Detroit” Pastor David Bullock Passes Out Condoms at Teen Abstinence Program: Twisted???

Now, it just doesn't make sense to have a program for teens that teaches abstinence, if you are going to pass out condoms.  In our opinion, we do not feel Pastor Bullock is a spirit-filled preacher, because if he was, he wouldn't been allegedly guilty of smoking cigars, in a nigh club setting as seen on "Preachers of Detroit", Episode 2.   

God does not need help when it comes to purity.  Somebody needs to teach Pastor David Bullock that abstinence means having no sex, at all.  There is no such a thing as getting weak when it comes to abstinence. If the young people or any age of individuals ask God for deliverance from lust, then they do not need any parachutes, as Bullock exchanged the name for condoms.   God wants Bullock to step down from being a pastor until he becomes delivered himself, because he's allegedly spreading a message that is unholy and God does not agree with it.  He always seeks help to lead the people in Detroit, but how can the blind lead the blind?  

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