Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Preachers of Detroit: Why H.B. Charles Jr. Feels Why Christian Leaders and Gospel Artists Should Not be Seen as "Human"

Pastor H. B. Charles reveals the damage that has been done when people watch christian reality shows like 'Preachers of Detroit' and 'Preachers of LA.'  Allegedly, he says pastors and gospel artists or any other christian leaders should not be seen as human.  You know, we sort of agree with him, because there is no total distinction from the world within the church, these days.   Most modern age pastors and gospel artists think being 'holy' is old fashion.   However, in Matthew 5:38, it says: 'Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.'  We are supposed to make sure we are living life without blemish.  Most pastors are not teaching that these days and so therefore, they are bridging the gap in church and also gospel artists are doing within the gospel music industry.

According to www.hbcharlesjr.com, Charles says: 
The justification for these shows is that people need to know that pastors, Christian leaders, and Gospel artists are human just like them.
No, they don’t!
That is the problem. The world already knows we are human. Too human. This is why the world does not take the church seriously. For that matter, neither do many people in the church. Before you disagree, read the Tweets and Facebook comments when these shows are on. It might as well be an episode of Scandal!
People do not need to know we are human. They need to know we are godly.
We like H. B. Charles, Jr. article, simply because we need to stop thinking of ourselves as human, when we are supposed to be saved, totally separated from this world.  Let us go back to a strict way of living and stop calling being holy, 'old fashion' or 'traditional,' because it's not, it's the way God wants us to be, without blemish, so we can make it to heaven, someday.

Source and Photo: www.hbcharlesjr.com

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