Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Preachers of the prosperity ministries like Creflo Dollar in many ways similar to high priests of hip-hop like Sean “Jay-Z” Carter and Kanye West

Let us tell you, this article by hits the spot right where it is.  We fully agree, for over 20 years now, a lot of these prosperity preachers have been very similar to these rich and famous hip-hop and rap celebrities.  Yes, they both target the youth and make a lot of money doing so while the black community willingly buy their products, such as books, sermons on CD's and music.  

According to, preachers of the prosperity ministry like Creflo Dollar in many ways parallel high priests of hip-hop like Sean “Jay-Z” Carter and Kanye West. Both prey on their followers to elevate their own lifestyles and fortify their personal kingdoms. This is just a snippet of The Grio's article.
Jay-Z, Kanye and their ilk have been spreading their own insidious brand of the prosperity ministry through their music and lifestyle brands. Their audience is much wider than the black community, but nonetheless, they prey on the same group that the prosperity preachers target.
Many left behind in today’s black communities simply do not have the up close and personal interaction with role models that was more prevalent 50 years ago. The presence of these role models can make a significant impact on the life choices of many of those in the community in their quest to live out the American Dream.
Unfortunately, the version of the American Dream that too many in the black community have opted for is the one that is preached in 4 — 5 minute songs.  Not only is the message aspirational, but just like in many prosperity churches, you can buy a copy of the sermon, the book, a T-shirt, etc. The high priests of hip-hop offer up for sale all of the accouterments of their lofty lifestyle; they just don’t offer a way to truly obtain or sustain it — at least the prosperity preachers defer to God for that one.
It's a shame, the black church should be totally different.  We heard Bishop T. D. Jakes allegedly just state that the black church movement may never go back to the way the fight social injustice, well this is the main reason why, they are too similar to the high priests of hip hop like Jay-z and Kanye West.  A lot of these prosperity preachers are to hungry for money to fight like Huey P. Newton, Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks or Malcolm X.

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