Friday, March 6, 2015

Prophetic warning from Co-Pastor J. Denise Ray sister of Pastor Kimberly Ray

Time and time again, before 2015 we previously gave forewarning on this site, and we know we were obeying God.   This is a sign that God is angry and he has spoken again through the sister of Pastor Kimberly Ray, Co-pastor Denise Ray and it does not sound like it is going to be very long when we began witnessing more of God's wrath.  We've already seen His wrath against certain church leaders, but now it will be not just more wrath against those who stand behind the sacred desk, but also against those who sang gospel songs.  Just read what the woman of God prophesied:

According to, this is what Prophetess, Denise Ray, the sister of Pastor Kimberly Ray prophesied: 

"My dear FBF and friends, as a prophetess, I’m very cautious and prayerful when speaking a word into the lives of God’s people. I don’t take it lightly but I promised God I would obey what He tells me to say. Thus saith the Lord: many psalmists, praise team leaders, choir members and worshipers—the hand of God’s judgment is now resting upon you. Before mounting a pulpit or choir stand, or standing on a stage or behind a podium or sacred desk, REPENT!
Come out of sin, ungodly perverse, hidden sexual acts. Repent for lies, bitterness, confusion and unforgiveness. You can no longer pretend and play church in this season for many that stand in these offices will fall dead in the house of the Lord or on their way to and from church. Many warnings have been given to some, others only a few, but heed to the voice of the Lord for this strange sound and foul scent has reached heaven. Because of sin in your lives, your songs have become an abomination to the Lord. Please take heed people of God—-you do not have to die in hypocrisy. God is extending His grace and mercy to you if you are reading this post. Don’t be an example for others but get right with God! Your soul is not worth money or fame, attention or pride.

Yes, I must speak this word tonight for God’s hand is heavy upon you and you’ve been warned….."

Praise the Lord for the prophecy, let's make sure we get it right and keep it right, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.  We don't want to lose our souls. God bless you.

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