Thursday, March 5, 2015

Retailer Store Bans The Name, ‘Jesus Christ’

If you have been a regular shopper at certain stores, you need to be aware when they ban the name, 'Jesus Christ' from ever being used or displayed on their property or even their website.  We are very offended by Marks & Spencer blocking the name, Jesus Christ and not allowing their customers to use His name on their greetings.   Why accept our money, if you want to monitor what we say?

According to, the words “Christ” and “Jesus Christ” have been removed from a list of banned offensive terms by Marks & Spencer. The u-turn follows an online barrage of comments after it emerged, that the the terms were banned.  Also, customers who had previously tried to include them in greetings with online purchases of flowers were prevented from completing their orders, with an on-screen notification, reading: “Sorry, there’s something in your message we can’t write.”

Would we used the name 'Satan' would they block it?  Probably not. We discourage you from supporting business who do not honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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